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Froude Number Application in mixing principle

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Fr  calculation for powder blender equipped with a mixing tool 

u = tip speed mixing element
D = diameter of mixing element

When Fr < 1, it shows that the inertia force of fluid or powder is less than gravity, and there will be no centrifugal phenomenon.

When Fr = 1, the inertia force on the powder or particle is equal to gravity, then it is in a gravity-free state or in a fluidized state. The gravity-free twin-screw mixer is based on this range of mixing. Generally speaking, Fr = 1 to 1.1

When Fr>1:

First Fr>2 Fr<6 when the powder is in the state of zero gravity to the adherence state.

The second Fr > 6 is when the powder is in a circular adherent state, and the high shear emulsifier is working in this section.
Mixing time
The mixing time here refers to mixing to uniform time.