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Which element Influent the Mixing time

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Operating parameter Influence on mixing time
Mixing volume
A higher mixing volume will lead to higher mixing time
But doubling the volume, does not mean doubling the mixing time
For mixers at Fr>1, after a certain volume, mixing time will be almost constant
Note : a mixer should not be over-filled otherwise the mixing may even become impossible
Mixing speed
A higher mixing speed usually gives a shorter mixing time
Influence on the powder should however be considered (powder breakage)

Froude number
Higher Fr number should give shorter mixing time
Powder breakage will be a concern when Fr >>1
Solids type
The more the particle sizes of the mix consituents are different, the more difficult it will be to mix
 Mixing time is also dependent on the sequence and place of filling the ingredients. In particular, the position of addition of micro ingredients is of prime importance. In case the micro ingredients are added on the side of a mixer, the mixing time can be greatly impacted. As a good practice, processes must be designed to have the small, minor and micro ingredients introduced in the middle of the mixer, in any case in the "active" area of the blender.