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Feed mixer use and promotion

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       Currently in the country, the feed industry is still our country is a sunrise industry, Americans have done 200 years, we have only done for 30 years. In daily life, we want to meet the large supply of daily dietary needs of mankind, and the promotion and application of feed are also to fully meet the human demand for chickens, ducks, fish, meat, eggs, dairy products and leather products. To scale, industrialization are obtained through the feed, which can not be separated from the application of feed mixer.
      With the domestic feed industry is more mature, more and more farmers are recognized friends. Therefore, from the above points, the domestic feed industry in the future development potential and staying power full, but there will be challenges in the development of a challenge will inevitably be the opportunities and risks exist, feed manufacturers want to get the opportunity to do development Bigger and stronger, we must start from two aspects of marketing and product quality, we must do both hands should be caught, both hands should be hard. The former is a means by which enterprises grasp opportunities, and the latter is the foundation for enterprises to grasp the opportunities. The former is the branch of enterprise development and the latter is the root of enterprise development. The two are mutually reinforcing and indispensable. But fundamentally speaking, the quality of the product itself is a big prerequisite for the development of the enterprise, and the choice of feed mixer is the fundamental guarantee of product quality.
7000 liters double sports mixer physical map

Today's feed products have become more than just a few grains of just stir into roughly uniform, and now the feed products in different livestock or poultry for different research and development of feed formulations, targeted addition of various types of trace elements, According to demand for production. Therefore, in this case, want to ensure the quality of the product, it is bound to feed the product mix even put forward higher requirements, but the traditional mixer is often due to design flaws can not meet the business in the mixing uniformity and mass production In this case, the feed manufacturer needs to find a new type of mixing equipment that can be mass-produced efficiently, which traditional mixer manufacturers can not meet.
       In response to this phenomenon, Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. targeted the development of a dual-motion mixer, mixing efficiency, mixing uniformity, single-batch mixing capacity has a breakthrough development, and traditional mixer Compared to similar products are far better than, and in the mixing time to shorten the more than 50 percent, helping companies save production costs. Moreover, the loading rate of the barrel can be up to 80%, which is equivalent to using two top machines in the process of using. At the same time barrel can also be done 7000L, fully meet the single batch of mass production enterprises, is definitely a feed, feed additives and other enterprises a good choice.