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Large horizontal mixer to achieve high-volume mixing more evenly

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      Now the proprietary Chinese medicine industry uses many types of mixers, but most of them are horizontal ones, of which the most representative are two-dimensional horizontal mixers and two-movement horizontal mixers.
         Chinese medicine industry uses V-type horizontal mixer, three-dimensional horizontal mixer is less, it is because these two devices are difficult to large-scale, vertical structure, the required space for a larger operation, production is low, large-scale demand Is the trend of the development of the industry, but also reduce the cost of production is an effective way, so choose to consider whether the mixer can be large-scale, dual-motion horizontal mixer is able to achieve large-scale batch mixing an efficient mixing equipment.
       The two-dimensional horizontal mixer now used in the proprietary Chinese medicine industry is a continuation of decades of traditional technology. The new technology is only reflected in some additions such as heating, spraying, vacuuming and inflating, Such equipment is far from meeting the needs of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and other high-quality mixing of powder mixing and high-end products business.
         Now more advanced horizontal mixer is a dual-motion horizontal mixer, this horizontal mixer to achieve the industry's common two-dimensional mixer and three-dimensional mixer functions, but also the originality of the independent addition of independent rotating blades, material Rotating drum to bring the material mixed at the same time, the blade is also double the barrel speed in the rotation, to solve the different particle size, different mesh, the proportion of different materials difficult to mix the problem. And the mixer can be large-scale, high-volume mixing can achieve a high degree of uniformity.