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The new 3d mixer is to ensure high quality products, efficient eq

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  With the standardization and large scale development of industry and manufacturing at home and abroad, the strategic development and trend of the overall scope of the 3D mixer manufacturing industry is no longer an early scale economy but an innovative development of high end process technology that needs to respond quickly to market and technological innovation . At the same time, the concept of quality of each enterprise changes from conformity quality concept to satisfaction quality concept. Enterprises will pay more attention to product quality satisfaction and product manufacturing process impact on environment. Therefore, environmental protection, high efficiency, time saving are rapid, uniform and can be solved The new 3D mixer for powder mixing challenges has become a trend in the mixer market.
         Enterprises focus on quality, but also to the mixer into a dynamic development, the new three-dimensional mixer is such an efficient mixing equipment under the trend. The new three-dimensional mixer is a kind of high efficiency mixer specially designed and manufactured by Jinhe Brand. and changed from offering only products to mixing production line solutions to solve the powder problems in the past. The mode of production is no longer the mass production of the same variety, Instead, we can customize the mixer according to different requirements of customers.
      Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production of dual-motion three-dimensional mixer is a mixer in the current ideal of a product, but also to meet a variety of powder production lines and mixing custom efficient mixing equipment. The new two motion 3D mixer uses the advanced principle of two motion superposition and mixing, and the two motions are performed simultaneously in unit time, not only doubling the efficiency of the mixing, but also promoting the mixing action justly and promoting the mixing work more effectively. So dual motion mixers save up to 60% of the time on traditional mixers.
         Double motion 3D mixer in the chemical development, food, pharmaceutical quality, electronics manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, etc., it has a very important role to become an integral part. Double sports three-dimensional mixer mixture uniformity as high as 99.999%, which means that basically can achieve 100% mixing uniformity.