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Stainless steel three dimensional mixer with traditional mixer advantage contras

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     Stainless steel three-dimensional mixer is medicine, food, additives, veterinary drugs and other high-technology requirements of the main mixing equipment powder mixing. The new stainless steel three-dimensional mixer is an excellent dual motion mixing technology, subverting the traditional mixed mode, bringing efficient mixing experience, compared with the traditional mixer has more advantages, not only mixed with different principles, the mixing effect is completely different .
         Excellent stainless steel three dimensional mixer Features: In the mixing principle is quite advantageous. Three-dimensional motion mixer working principle and the traditional rotary cylinder mixer is more different, it is in the three-dimensional cube for unique translation, rotation, convection, shear, stirring, rock and roll, so that a variety of materials in the mix The complex bi-kinematic mixing state of "rotation - shear - convection - translation - inverted fall" within the barrel produces a satisfactory mixing result that better meets the requirements of high precision mixing in various pharmaceutical and additive industries. These ordinary rotary mixer is far from reach.
      The dual-motion stainless steel three dimensional mixer has a mixing uniformity of over 99.9% with a high loading coefficient of 085 to 0.9 (0.4 to 0.55 for an ordinary three-dimensional mixer). Short mixing time, high mixing efficiency. Three-dimensional mixer mixing barrel body design is unique, barrel body wall after fine polishing, no dead ends, does not pollute the material, the material is convenient, easy to clean, easy to operate and so on.
         Said here that the outstanding three-dimensional mixer represents the model is a dual-motion mixer, the mixer in operation due to the multi-directional mixing barrel operation, so that a variety of materials in the mixing process, to accelerate the flow and diffusion, the barrel The utility model has the advantages of multi-groups of blades for cross mixing of materials, avoids the segregation and accumulation of the materials due to the centrifugal force caused by the centrifugal force, and ensures no mixing of corners and can effectively ensure the excellent quality of the mixed materials.