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Dry powder fertilizer three dimensional mixer's unique performance

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       Three-dimensional mixer is mainly applied to dry powder fertilizers will be different proportions of dry, wet materials, powder, granular materials, high uniformity of mixing. Here is the fertilizer three-dimensional mixer is mainly a variety of chemical fertilizers in the production of specialized mixing equipment.
         Chemical fertilizer mixing is a relatively common mixing process in powder mixing, mainly refers to the chemical method of manufacturing or mining ore, and processed into fertilizer, also known as inorganic fertilizer process. Including nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other types of powder mix.
    Chemical fertilizer mixing according to the performance of the powder to choose the right three-dimensional mixer. Because they have the following common features: simple ingredients, high nutrient content; fertilizer fast, fat Meng Meng; some fertilizers have acid-base reaction; generally does not contain organic matter, no soil fertility. There are more types of chemical fertilizers, and the nature and application methods are quite different. Therefore, to choose a mixture of efficient and rapid mixing equipment, and will not change the physical properties of the material.
         The new type of three-dimensional powder and fertilizer mixers to Jinhe dual-motion mixer-based, low-speed rotation, but the mixing and efficient features, the material in a relatively short period of time to achieve the purpose of mixing evenly, the mixing speed and uniformity of domestic A variety of mixing can not be achieved, the middle of the mixed material without particles, mixing uniformity up to one hundred percent. And in order to improve the mixing speed and the mixing automation process, the dual-motion three-dimensional mixer is also equipped with various other auxiliary equipment on the basis of the main machine to meet the mixing process as a whole to realize the integrated and integrated production.