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How to mix light weight powder

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  Some mixing problems that arise from the mixing of powdered iron with powder metallurgy iron mixers can also be referred to as a mix of light and heavy powders. Toner specific gravity of 0.7, the proportion of iron powder 2.6-3.1, such differences in the proportion of relatively large two materials often appear mixed, light powder always floating in the upper part of the material, it is difficult to mix into the heavy powder.

   Powder metallurgy iron powder mixer is now used to solve the mixing problem of carbon powder iron powder is generally increased mixing time, adding auxiliary mixing equipment, such as steel balls, steel, etc., but this will result in some new mixing problems. For example, mixing time is too long will increase the material friction time, destroy the material, add equipment, collisions between equipment will produce debris, pollution materials.
   Toner mixed with iron powder appeared so long, there is no good solution to it, the answer is yes. Some large-scale enterprising companies started large-scale use of the new dual-motion powder metallurgy iron powder mixer to solve the carbon powder iron powder mixing problem. The new powder metallurgy iron powder mixer is a set of power system, two sets of sports equipment, materials Cylinder rotation to eliminate dead ends at the same time, the full-size blades within the cylinder also rotate at the same time, the material has the power of coercion, you can easily light pink co-host among them to complete the light and heavy powder mixed .