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The blade of the double moving mixer rotates at medium and low speeds, the purpose of which is to keep the shape of the powder particles unchanged, if there is a strong binding force in the powder Plate particles or sticky particles, such low-speed rotating blades can not effectively break them. The double moving flying knife mixer is to set a high speed rotating flying knife on the moving bucket, that is, to use a high speed flying knife on the basis of the gravity diffusion mixing of the powder. Shearing, beating the powder, particularly effective in breaking down the powder in the plate particles and sticky particles. At the same time, it can solve the problem of uniform mixing between fiber and powder. This is the innovative contribution our team has made in the year of 2018, which has enriched the diversity of the two-sport mixer camp, and provided a highly capable hybrid industry. Double motion mixer.  
Model Vessel(L) loading(L) Running speed (r/min)  Chopper
motor(kw)  chopper knife(kw) size(mm)
JHF20 20 12 25 950 0.75 0.37 960*435*987
JHF50 50 30 25 950 1.1 0.55 1190*550*1232
JHF100 100 60 21 950 1.1 0.55 1267*672*1407
JHF200 200 120 16 950 1.5 0.75 1453*780*1590
JHF400 400 250 15 950 2.2 1.1 1848*812*1772

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