How to solve the problem of dry herbal powder mixing?

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How to solve the problem of Chinese herbal powder mixing?
With the increase of Chinese people's attention to food safety and the relevant departments of the state have increased the control of the food source, the State Food and Drug Administration began to strictly control the use of chemical drugs, and guide enterprises to develop in the micro-ecological field of Chinese herbal medicine, so as to effectively realize the control of the food source.The mixing of Chinese herbal medicine powder has always been troubled by this certain process, not only want to mix evenly, but also need to meet various physical properties, but also need mass production, but also need health and safety.To deal with these problems, the traditional hybrid machine is difficult to solve everything, and it is difficult to meet the national standard, or even to meet the industry standard. The new 3 D hybrid machine is an efficient hybrid equipment in the medicine and food industry, specially to solve the problem of Chinese herbal powder mixing.Why is the new 3 D hybrid machine more suitable for the high-demand and standard pharmaceutical hybrid industry?This starts from the characteristics and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, here to Chinese herbal powder as an example to illustrate.
In the field of Chinese herbal medicine microecology, the mixing process of Chinese herbal medicine micropowder is very important. After all, the use of Chinese herbal medicine must be generally ground into powder and mixed according to a certain ratio.In order to obtain the ideal medicinal effect, it is necessary to break the wall and grind the original Chinese herbal medicine. However, the grinding powder is generally poor liquid, light weight, and powder mixing is difficult. Moreover, the physical characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine itself also cause the difference of powder even after grinding.And different Chinese herbal medicine micro ecological drug production process, enterprises want to consider the production cost, will also be on the choice of powder carrier has a lot of change space, in this case, the original quantitative qualitative mixed process is not applicable, so there is a variable process on mixed process, which means that every mixed production is increasing the production cost of the enterprise.At the same time, it is also because Chinese herbal medicine has slower efficacy and more drug demand than chemical medicine, which means that enterprises have to increase the weight of a single product to obtain the ideal Chinese herbal medicine product, so as to ensure the stable efficacy.In this case, there will be mixing problems such as heavy powder, false particles and the demand of mass mixed production of enterprises.
In previous hybrid equipment, these mixed problems cannot be solved, Zhengzhou gold equipment manufacturing co., LTD., after understanding this situation, breakthrough developed the "gold brand" dual motion 3 d hybrid machine, the hybrid equipment is using a power system drive two sets of motion system, a motion system for gravity diffusion mixing, another motion system to achieve mechanical forced shear mixing, two sets of motion system superposition mix, very good to solve the above mixed problem.At the same time, because the company's professional design department of the company can achieve mass production, the design capacity of Jinhe equipment in the field of dual sports has reached 10000L, so that it can meet the requirements of a single mixing of several tons.\