The JHY 3D powder mixer solves the problem of fine fine materials

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Now more and more companies attach high importance to the material mixing uniformity, new materials, ultrafine materials an important characteristic is small, sometimes small to nano scale, so gravity almost lost the binding force on it, when get a small amount of kinetic energy can float, let mixing work difficulties, in the traditional mixing of intense mechanical kinetic energy can transfer energy to the powder, and the powder produce various activities, will overcome gravity floating, adsorption, rejection, resulting in mixing difficulties.
The core principle of double movement 3D powder mixer is medium-to-low speed, multi-level shear mixing in low-speed flowing powder.The mechanical impact, friction and kinetic energy produced by it are very small, which greatly suppresses the floating, adsorption, rejection and other activities of ultra-fine powder, so that the mixing work proceeds smoothly and achieve the purpose of mixing.