Double motion horizontal mixing machine is widely used in the seasoning industry

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Double motion horizontal mixing machine is widely used in the seasoning industry, here is one of seasoning powder, is the so-called stiffener is a kind of connection with protein (gluten) to improve the quality of flour products, including improving the mechanical processing performance of gluten and gas retention and improve the volume of bread volume, symmetry, tissue structure and particles.
Various materials of stiffener are heavy relative to other food materials. The density also known as loose loading is about 1.5g / cm³, the proportion of general food additives is about 0.5~0.8, and the grain size is about 100 items.The particle size of various powder in the stiffener is about 200 eyes, which is relatively fine than other classes.The mixing process plays a crucial role throughout the production because the mixing uniformity directly affects the quality of the product.In the process of mixing, it is also easy to mix heavy powder evenly, and most manufacturers still need the production line rate very fast.
Traditional horizontal mixer is far from meeting the requirements of customers, such as: gravity diffusion mixer (double cone mixer, V mixer, 3 D mixer) cannot effectively solve the light and heavy powder problem, because there is no forced shear and binding function inside the cylinder; forced mixing mixer (horizontal screw, single cone screw, etc.) only the internal shear without a large range of material hedging and diffusion, etc., there will be material mixing dead corners.Dual motion superposition horizontal mixer is very effective, solving customer problems, and mixing efficiency is more than 2 times higher.Jinhe brand spring surge horizontal mixer is; internal with medium-high speed lifting double spiral blades and transverse rotating shear blade, let the powder in the material cylinder with spring surge circulation movement, forming the central powder to rise, around the powder to the sinking spring surge movement.Not only can easily solve the problem of light powder, but also very efficient.