What mixing machine to meet the ultra-fine powder standard

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      Zhengzhou Jinhe independent research and development of new dual-motion powder mixer to meet the high-tech materials, ultra-fine materials, fine mixing requirements. High-tech materials, an important feature of ultra-fine materials is small, and sometimes even small to nanoscale, so that gravity almost lost its binding, with a small amount of kinetic energy will be able to float up, so mixed work difficulties.
         In the traditional mixer, intense mechanical kinetic energy can transfer energy to the powder, so that the powder produces various activities, which can overcome the phenomena of floating, adsorption, repulsion and the like caused by gravity, thereby causing mixing difficulties.
         The new principle of Jinhe new dual-motion powder mixer is low-speed flow in the powder at low speed, multi-faceted shear mixing, it produces mechanical impact, friction, kinetic energy are very small, and thus greatly inhibited Ultrafine powder floating, adsorption, repellent and other activities, so that the mixing work smoothly.