High mixing effect of pesticide powder granule horizontal powder mixer

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            The application of pesticide powder has been the longest. In the early days of the founding of New China, powder is the most widely used dosage form in pesticide preparation, and the horizontal mixer of pesticide powder is also a widely used equipment in this industry. 
 High efficiency horizontal mixer used in mixing pesticide powder can improve the product quality of the industry, Bring high uniform mixing effect. Powder is easy to manufacture and use, Mix and crush with raw medicine and inert filler (talc powder, clay, kaolin, diatomite, acid clay, etc.) in a certain proportion, Make the fineness of powder reach a certain standard. Our standard is :95% of the powder can pass the 200 target screen, That is, the particle diameter is below 74 microns, The average particle size is about 30 microns. The standard of powder used abroad is that 98% of the powder can pass 325 mesh sieve, The maximum diameter of the powder is 44 microns, The particle size is 5-15 microns. However, the fineness of powder is closely related to its efficacy, Powder with a particle size greater than 37 microns has poor efficacy, The most effective particle diameter is below 20 microns, Therefore, our country is urgent to solve the problem of powder processing quality. Powder is popular in arid or mountainous areas, Because it's easy to use, Without water, With a simple powder sprayer, And high efficiency, Small adhesion to crops, Less residue, It is not easy to produce drug damage. Except for direct powder spray, It can also be seeded, soil treatment, food preparation and other control diseases, insects, grass and rodent damage. Spraying powder should be carried out when the leaves of early and late crops are wet or dewy, Because the deposition of powder on the surface of crops depends mainly on adhesion or electrostatic adsorption, But it has little adhesion, On the surface of crops with water membranes, The adhesion of the powder particles was improved, It can improve the prevention effect.
             Because of the different specific gravity of the powder, the pesticide powder has light powder and heavy powder, so it is difficult to mix. In this way, the container and blade will float in the top of the light powder into the main heavy powder, so that the light, heavy powder can be evenly mixed, and some manufacturers of traditional mixer also realize this mixing principle, want to change on the basis of the original traditional equipment to solve the mixing process of light, heavy powder difficult to mix problems, such as adding rotating screw blade in the traditional double cone mixer; such a modified double cone mixer can not solve the problem of light and heavy powder difficult to mix; Because the structure of the double cone mixer determines that the screw belt blade is very small, when the light powder floats above, the blade can not be mixed with the light powder above.