Food additives industrial application of JHY mixing machine

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          Here is the JHY series huge cleaning gate double movement mixer machine apply in the food industrial.
          Food additives are non-nutrients that are added to food materials in small quantities with food additives to improve the appearance, flavor, tissue structure or storage properties of food. Because the characteristics of its quality requirements pay more attention to the mixing process in the production process, how to choose the mixer in the industry has always been concerned about.
          What kind of mixer is suitable for food additives?  This has a certain relationship with its powder characteristics. Food additives powders have the following three characteristics:
 First, it is used as a substance added to food, so it is generally not eaten as food alone;
 It includes both synthetic and natural substances;The purpose of adding food is to improve the quality and color, fragrance and taste of food, as well as the need for anticorrosion, preservation and processing technology. If we want to distribute the additives evenly in the food, we must use the food additive dry powder mixer to fully mix to ensure that the mixing standard is reached, otherwise the quality of the finished product will be affected. When the traditional mixer is used to mix food additives, some fine or powder materials can not be mixed evenly.