The performance of the mixer in the pharmaceutical industry?

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When choosing a powder mixer, the pharmaceutical industry must first consider its stable and safe application performance, so the horizontal mixer is a common equipment in the industry. The second consideration is whether the mixer's performance can meets the requirements of pharmaceutical powders or tablets. Such as mixing uniformity standards, easy to clean, whether the material is suitable for GMP standards, whether it has advanced mixing technology and so on. The last is to consider the using effects, time and energy saving etc. 
At present, the high efficient horizontal powder mixer mixing uniformity and effect are the best on the market, it combines advanced double movement mixing principle and high grade stainless steel, which meets all standards of the pharmaceutical industry and also easy to clean. The following are some performance of the pharmaceutical high efficiency horizontal mixer.
1. Energy saving and efficient. Most customers will pay attention to energy saving effects when selecting equipment, because the energy increasingly precious, energy conservation and consumption reduction is to protect energy. Especially in the electronic products and industrial products industries, the motor power consumption determines the energy consumption. For example, the three dimensional mixer has relatively high efficiency when the equipment is running, but it consumes a lot of energy, not only because the motor power is too large, but also the high speed movement requires a large operating power. The advanced double movement mixers don't need large power to drive the powder movement, a set of power to drive the two sets motion systems superimposed mixing, the speed also is moderate, so it can achieve high uniform mixing. In this case, the motor power can be reduced by half compared to the three dimensional mixer, and the energy consumption is reduced by half, which is more energy efficient. So for customers who use mixer equipment for long term, they can reduce more investment.
2. Easy to clean. Adopt full open barrel, open it just need a few seconds, easy clean thoroughly. At the same time, the operation is simple, and the centralized program control panel enables anyone to operate and button operation to realize various processes, such as automatic docking feeding, discharging, packaging, etc., and there is no technical requirement, and simple training can be operation.
3. High mixing uniformity. In the pharmaceutical powder mixing, not only the high efficient mixing of trace elements can be achieved, but also the proportion of various powders after mixed can reach international standards.
4. It solves some practical mixing problems in the pharmaceutical industry and other product processing industries. and at the same time improves the precision of raw materials, thereby improving the quality of final products and making processing easier.

This high efficient horizontal mixer has high precision and uniform mixing standards, which is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry needs. It allows the various powders containing trace elements to be uniformity mixed, and the process is no longer cumbersome. When the materials are mixed, there is no deviation, and the uniformity is up to standard, and the powder mixing does not cause problems such as mixing problems. This is the pursuit of the pharmaceutical industry, in fact, also the pursuit of various high efficient horizontal mixers in the industry.