Performance advantages of 3D powder mixer

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Mix operating of mixing equipment is by using components or  running form,continual relative motion between powder materials or particles. Constantly changing its relative position,continuously overcome the trend of material stratification due to the difference of powder or particle properties. To achieve the required mixing product. But for different kinds of powders,the standared of uniform mixing is different,so the power required for mixing is different. That's the way to choose a mixer machine in the market. Simply speaking, the mixing operation has the following mechanisms.
(1). Moving mixed. Particles move into large groups,circulating flow,the powder particles cross each other to achieve a substantially uniform mixing.
(2). Shear mixer. A mixture of slip surfaces formed in the powder.
(3). Diffusion mixing. Local mixing caused by the change of position between two adjacent particles.
(4). Convective mixing. The powder particles are moves up and down and left and right by the action of force to achieve powder mixing.

There are several kinds of mixing involved in powder mixing, but how to mix evenly requires the instruction and principle of the mixing equipment. The same powder formula uses different mixing machine to adopt different mixing methods, mixing effect is also very different.
In the powder industry to mix a variety of good applications determine which powder mixing equipment has high performance. In the metal alloy powder mixing, there are generally iron alloy powder, copper alloy powder, nickel alloy powder, cobalt alloy powder, aluminum alloy powder, titanium alloy powder and precious metal alloy etc. If the traditional v type mixer is used, since the v type mixing adopts gravity diffusion type mixing, the position of the powder particles is changed by throwing up and down and convection, which takes 24 hours to achieve the mixing purpose. However, with double movement mixer machine,which adopts double movement superposition mixing. Not only the external drum rotates 360 degrees, but also drives the powder moving, diffusion and convection mixing. The inner blades are also sheared and mixed at a higher speed. Therefore,it takes only 4 hours to meet the requirements. If it is a normal powder mix, the work can be done in a few minutes.