Horizontal powder mixer characteristics and advantages

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High efficiency horizontal mixer machine mixing principle: double movement superimposed mixing, two sets of motion system, double superimposed mixing materials. It is the representative model of the double movement mixer machine of advanced mixing technology.
High efficiency horizontal mixer machine features:
1. No mixing dead angle. The whole machine is made of stainless steel,using three dimensional asymmetrical barrel for mixing,double movement superimposed mixing. The barrel and the inner full size blade are run and mixed at different speeds,mixing more comprehensive,no mixing dead angle and high uniformity efficiency.
2. High mixing uniformity. Due to uses double movement superimposed mixing,the two movement are on different levels allow the material at different speeds to fully agitate,shear and convective mixing. It not only makes the material achieve uniform mixing at all levels,but also achieves uniform mixing of points and points. Therefore, it has high mixing efficiency and excellent uniformity.
3. No residue, no pollution. There is no dead angle in the barrel inner and the material contact part,the mixing process is gentle and doesn't produce segregation,discharge completely, no residue, avoid cross contamination.
4. The whole machine is made of stainless steel,corrosion resitance,long service life. Suitable for pharmaceutical powder mixing,food powder mixing,metallurgy and chemical industry etc sanitary demand.
5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. This machine has reasonable structure and convenient operation,the inner and outer walls of the barrel all polished. No pollution to materials in mixing process,low power consumption,the inner wall is bright and clean and easy to clean.
High efficiency horizontal mixer application range: Suitable for mixing two or more dry powder,especially suitable for powder with large difference in specific gravity,powder mixture containing clumps,pharmaceutical and food with highly demanding powder mix,contain fiber powder mixing, etc.