Dual movement mixing equipment technology

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       Domestic enterprises in the mixing process has long been in a stage of stagnation. Today, this paper mainly discusses some principles of the relevant mixing process, strives to provide the powder mixing company with a set of proven new hybrid processes for the production and Quality control to a certain extent, the new hybrid technology is accompanied by the birth and development of new hybrid equipment.
        In the material mixing, the general requirements for the displacement of different materials, from a macro point of view and micro angle while ensuring the relatively uniform position between materials and materials to achieve a variety of materials mixed evenly. If several materials between the mobility, loose weight, mesh number and the like is easier to mix, the general mixing equipment can be mixed evenly. However, most of the time, all kinds of materials can not do this, the enterprise in order to obtain the desired effect, but also need to keep the material in the case of a certain number of items in the material properties, then there will be due to mesh Difference caused by the light weight of powder mixing problems, this time companies will choose to increase the mixing time, in order to obtain as much as possible mixed, both in theory and practice can not be achieved. Due to the difference of the formula, some ingredients need to add a few thousandths or even a few thousandths of trace elements, then there will be another mixed problem trace elements, this time is the same amount of increment method can not get the real sense Mix well. And once the mesh reaches more than 3,000 meshes, the force of gravity is so minimally binding that a slight mechanical force can cause it to float and mix even when the mixing time of an existing mixing device is increased.
    From the mixing principle, the traditional mixing equipment can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the gravity diffusion mixing, the use of material convection to achieve material mixing, this type of equipment mainly refers to 3D mixer, V mixer, double cone mixer, etc. , This type of mixer without mixed dead ends, but this type of mixer can only protect the macroscopical uniform material, at the microscopic point of view, can not guarantee the material mixed evenly; the other is relying on mechanical forced shear mixing, such mixer is based on Forced shear mixing, in order to achieve material mixing, including trough mixer, single cone mixer and pear knife mixer. There are materials such a mixer dead ends, can not be macroscopically uniform. Through experiments and analysis found that in the above circumstances, can not guarantee the stability of the product controllable.
      The dual motion mixing process proposed in this paper draws on the better hybrid design of the two mixing principles, combining gravity-diffusion mixing with mechanical shear mixing. Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed a dual-motion mixing equipment, is a set of power system driven two sets of sports systems, including a set of sports system to achieve material diffusion mixing left and right convection, the other set of sports systems using mechanical shear mixing to solve The above mixing problems, so as to achieve the material in the macro and micro point of view to achieve uniform mixing.