Saudi Arabia denture industry customer bought 9 three dimensional mixer

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Audi denture industry customers looking for a solution to the problem of mixing to my company inspection, to see my company has dual-motion hybrid technology patent
s and  three dimensional mixer superb mixing skills, signed two devices on the spot Order contract.
  Customers believe that dual-motion medicine and three dimensional powder mixer can solve several major problems in the medical material processing industry:
   First, the weight of powder is not easy to mix the problem. When encountered in the size, weight differences between the larger material will appear uneven, stratification, segregation problems. The three dimensional powder mixer machine due to the use of barrel, blade at the same time rotating patented technology, the material can be a good diversion, interspersed, cutting, coercion, so that the material mix well, small mixed fine.
   Second, destroy the physical properties of the material problem. With conventional 3D mixers, mixing of V-mixers requires mixing time or auxiliary materials to achieve mixing uniformity, but these can destroy the body of the material and damage the properties of the material. The combined biomedical medicine and food mixer with a barrel inside the structure with the blade can be added without the ball inside the barrel and other accessories. Compared to the traditional mixing equipment can shorten the mixing time in half, so that the maximum material to maintain the original state, improve the mixing effect.
   Third, the machining capacity in line with international medical standards, since the advent of dual-motion medicine and food mixer in various industries have been rapid application of hot products at the same time, also created a boutique processing team, the factory equipment appearance beautiful, generous, structure Simple, practical, to meet the ultimate requirements of various industries.