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The new 3D medicine mixing machine can solve the medicine mixing

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 For a long time, all aspects of people's livelihood that the pharmaceutical industry has been involved in are the necessities for human beings to live a healthy and longevity to fight the disease. Good medical supplies must be fully mixed with various raw materials in order to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the drug to win the patient's approval. And in recent years, consumers pay more attention to health care, attention to health, this demand also requires pharmaceutical companies must enhance the uniformity of the upgrade, so that the effective control of drugs to ensure that products can win the trust of consumers. 3D mixing machine is also in constant development, with new technologies and new processes to meet the efficient needs of pharmaceutical powder, dual-motion medicine three-dimensional mixer is a representative of efficient pharmaceutical food mixing equipment.
 In recent years, the major domestic pharmaceutical companies are also ongoing drug development, but because of the traditional mixer can not solve the mixing uniformity, light weight and fake particles and other mixed problems, resulting in pharmaceutical companies can not get the desired effect of mixing, increasing enterprise R & D costs and Production costs, but also affect the quality of medicine is not conducive to the occupation of the market to obtain more profits. And the traditional mixer in the production process, often due to their design flaws, can not be a full range of cleaning, of course, can not meet the pharmaceutical industry on health conditions and to prevent cross-contamination requirements, which requires pharmaceutical powder Industry has a new type of professional three-dimensional medical mixer to solve this problem.
 Pharmaceutical companies are companies that demand very high mixing uniformity. However, traditional 3D blenders have restricted the R & D and production of pharmaceutical companies, which has made it difficult for pharmaceutical companies to control product quality during the manufacturing process. Here we recommend a new dual-motion medical three-dimensional mixer, this mixer is a new three-dimensional mixer designed and developed by Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It has its own advanced design concept and a large opening for the pharmaceutical industry The design not only greatly improves the uniformity of the product mix, but also opens the cartridge for a full range of cleaning without dead ends, eliminating cross-contamination and making this product fully meet the mixing needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Zhengzhou Jinhe also specializes in the development of pharmaceutical experiments with desktop three-dimensional mixer to help companies develop new products, this desktop in addition to advanced dual-motion hybrid system, but also increased the timing and speed adjustment function, which can effectively help Enterprises in the research and development process, find the right mix of technology.