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High tech hybrid equipment to achieve a variety of powder mixing process

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      Mixing equipment is to achieve a uniform mixing of various parts of the main equipment powder, from the microscopic point is to achieve the particles between the particles and particles are fully uniform dispersion state. From the process and advanced technology and customer satisfaction survey to analyze, dual-motion mixing equipment is currently the best mix of mixing efficiency and efficiency. They (dual sports equipment series models) is the development team of Zhengzhou Jinhe R & D team combined with three-dimensional mixer, V-type mixer, the advantages of these traditional hybrid devices developed for the industry with a variety of powder mixing equipment, especially for Bulk powder with blending problems works better.
        Jinhe combined sports equipment from the structure, process principle material, the shape are not rigidly adhere to the traditional mixer, is a new generation of representative of hybrid equipment, machinery and technology is the representative of high-tech hybrid process.
        The efficient mixing principle of the mixing device is the main embodiment of the efficient and uniform powder mixing. While mixing, the rotating drum rotates the material, and the vanes inside the barrel also rotate and stir independently to exert the action of coercion, shearing and convection on the material. One of the advantages is that the dead angle of the "bottom" material in the barrel can be eliminated; The material in the barrel can be left and right, up and down convection, direct participation in the mixing of all, so as to achieve a higher mixing capacity, improve mixing efficiency, save mixing time.
        Powder mixing on the mixing process has many effects, such as up to all levels of mixing can not achieve a sufficient uniform mixing of the powder. For this uniform requirements of high mixing process, find the current market has a variety of mixing equipment, only the moving double metal hybrid sports equipment to meet these process requirements! Other equipment such as: three-dimensional mixer, V-mixer, single cone, double cone mixer, etc. can not meet the high standards.