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JHX2000 double motion powder ribbon mixer are shipping now


4sets of  2000liter double motion powder ribbon mixing machine are sending to the north American customer.

 four sets of JHX2000 liters powder ribbon mixing machine delivery northeast, these several big guys finally sent away, occupying a small half of the workshop. Customer mixed carbonyl nickel powder, 5 tons in one mixing, the second purchase of dual-motion mixer. Two-motion mixer is widely used in carbonyl nickel powder mixing.
Carbonyl nickel powder is mainly used in diamond tools, products, cemented carbide, powder metallurgy, batteries, electrical electronics, magnetic materials, conductive materials and so on. Carbonyl nickel powder because of its unique crystalline structure and high purity of particles can become the ideal material of mixed with other metals, in front of the powder sintering to form stable and uniform distribution, during the subsequent sintering process and other powder evenly infiltration, can form a balanced precision components of metallurgical structure, with its special performance, application field is quite widespread, and the high requirement of mixing uniformity and high efficiency is double motion mixer exclusive advantages in the industry applications.