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Shanxi Sirui New Materials Co., Ltd. produce copper-chromium materials


Shanxi Sirui New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, is a high-tech enterprises, provincial enterprise technology center, provincial postdoctoral innovation base and so on. The company specializes in the production of copper-chromium (VI), copper-tungsten (SF6) and chromium-zirconium copper series electrical alloy materials, vacuum coating sputter targets and automotive welding electrode products, widely used in power switches, motors, high-speed railways, aerospace, vacuum sputter coating, automotive welding and other fields. The earliest contact with Srui Company was at the 2014 Powder Metallurgy Industry Exhibition and with Engineer Yang of the Technical Department at the Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Exhibition. Yang Gong saw the principle of our double sports mixer on the spot, was very interested and brought back the equipment data, and then kept in touch to understand the use of the equipment in the industry and the double sports mixing process. Through detailed understanding and communication, in the second half of 2015, Srii Li and others brought materials from Xiundefinedan to our company for mixing experiment. The materials with the original mixing time of about 4 hours were mixed with a double motion mixer, which were respectively sampled at 1HH and 2HH respectively. After returning to the professional testing and analysis, the uniformity of the three sampling time periods meets the production requirements, that is, the mixing time of the double motion mixer can be controlled within 1 hour, and the test results are very satisfactory to the customers.