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Well known Plastic Enterprise Purchase Three Dimensional Mixer Machine


Recently,one well-known plastic enterpise's manager and technicians came to our factory.For their new product research problems,the powder mixer they used can not meet the standards.So they have to seek the new mixing tech to solve their problems.
The main problem during mixing process is that great difference of several powders need to mix uniformity.The materials this company are about 70% mineral powder particles,the specific gravity is about 0.54, 7% precious metals powder and 23% plastic shuttles.The mixer you used is 3D mixer,V type mixer and ribbon blender can not meet the mixing demand,which bring some difficulties to the new product and company.So we recommend our three dimensional mixer machine to them.

They have seek many places before came to our factory.In our laboratory,we have mix the powder samples for 10min,15min,20min's.The customers draw a conclusion that the outcomes can meet their demand after 20 min mixing time.
Why can we get high efficiency and ideal effect?Because we have advanced mixing principles.Compared with traditional mixer,our double movement blender have two running system.Full size 8 pieces of helical blades revolving as well as the barrel.
The manager and technicians satisfied with the experiment data and signed the contract at once.