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China (Shenyang) Academy of Sciences Institute of metal procurement of a JHX400L


Institute of Metal Research, China (Shenyang) Academy of Science and Technology 2000 people, of whom seven academicians, the existing material science and engineering a first-level disciplines doctoral training points, Materials Science and Engineering 1 level disciplines master's training points, including materials Physics and chemistry, materials science, materials processing engineering, corrosion science and protection of four secondary disciplines of doctoral and master's degree training points, and a materials science and engineering a post-doctoral mobile station. 618 existing graduate students, including 347 doctoral students, graduate students 271.
 Wang, Ph.D., Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, China: "We used a three-dimensional mixer before, and the main mixed material was alloy powder. Due to this project we needed high-quality alloy materials and high requirements for the blending process. Three-dimensional mixing machine with steel balls, the need to mix about 10 hours, but the time out of the need to sieve out the ball, increasing labor costs and alloy powder and ball friction with a certain degree of danger.So we Has been looking for a new mixer to replace this three-dimensional mixer + steel ball mixing process.I search from Baidu to this dual-motion three-dimensional mixer, immediately became very interested in carrying 30 kg from Shenyang Alloy powder to Zhengzhou Jin He double action mixed material experiment, the original 10 hours of mixing time is shortened to 8 hours, and did not add steel ball after mixing the powder back through our one week analysis found that mixed Degree greatly increased, but also eliminates the need for artificially screen steel ball process and the risk of metal powder explosion. "Dr. Wang and his Working Group immediately ordered a double JHX400L three-dimensional movement mixer, said that it was pre-purchase, post Institute of Metal Research will continue to put the other in the ordinary three-dimensional mixer another update eliminated.