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High-Temp Vacuum Brazing Furnace
High-temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace up to 1350℃ for CBN, PCD,  Diamond tools, Stainless steel, Copper, etc.

This kind of High-Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace working temperature can reach 1350℃; Suitable for stainless steel, CBN tools, Diamond tools brazing in the vacuum environment. Due to its high vacuum and high temperature, it can also be used for sintering and heat treatment of other workpieces.

Vacuum Brazing Furnace Features:

  • Stainless steel brazing
  • CBN tools brazing
  • PCD tools brazing
  • Diamond tools brazing
  • Copper / sliver / nickel / aluminium base brazing

Advantages of Our Brazing Furnace:

  • No surface oxidation or discoloration
  • Minimal distortion
  • Flux free brazing
  • Repeatable quality
  • Clean, safe, quiet, and efficient
Due to the slow cooling of the ordinary brazing furnace, the production efficiency is seriously affected. In order to accelerate the cooling rate, our company combined with years of production practice experience developed a vacuum brazing furnace rapid cooling system. The high-temperature nitrogen in the furnace is forcefully pumped out by the vacuum fan, cooled by the cooling water bag, and then sent back to the furnace by the vacuum fan. This rapid cycle leads to rapid cooling.

3 types Furnace Chamber for optional
Vacuum System:


Vacuum Brazing Furnace Specifications

Technical Specifications

Working Temp. 750℃ (Alloy tube heaters)
1100℃ (Heating wires)
1350℃ (Molybdenum strap heaters )
Furnace chamber 750℃ (Stainless steel sheets)
1100℃ (Ceramic fiberboard)
1350℃ (Molybdenum sheets and Stainless steel sheets )
Furnace Structure Double layers Carbon steel casing with water cooling system to ensure the surface below 30℃
The furnace door inside is polished stainless steel
Working Voltage 380V  50HZ  3P   (or according to your standard)
Max. Power 3KW–180KW
Temperature control system
Temperature Control 50 segments programmable and PID auto control or PLC
Upper limited alarm and deviation alarm
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1℃
Heating Rate < 20℃/min
Temperature Alarm Over-temperature alarm
Broken thermal-couple alarm
Thermocouple K / S type
Touch Screen 10 inches LED touch screen
Over 30 working programs can be set
Heating curves can be saved
Vacuum system
Maximum Vacuum 7×10-4Pa
Working Vacuum 7×10-3Pa with Mechanical pump and Diffusion pump
Standard Size: (other sizes can be customized)

for the Aluminum base (stainless steel chamber 750℃)


Model Chamber size Max Temp. Power Voltage Max. vacuum
JH-QHS-223 200*200*300mm 750℃ 3kW 380V 7×10-3 Pa

(7×10-5 mbar)

JH-QHS-334 300*300*400mm 750℃ 6kW 380V
JH-QHS-446 400*400*600mm 750℃ 12kW 380V
JH-QHS-557 500*500*700mm 750℃ 18kW 380V
JH-QHS-669 600*600*900mm 750℃ 28kW 380V
for CBN, PCD, Dimond Tools (ceramic fiber chamber 1200℃)
Model Chamber size Max Temp. Power Voltage Max. vacuum
JH-200BF 1200℃ 200x400mm 8 380V 7×10-3 Pa

(7×10-5 mbar)

for Ag/Cu/Ni Base (molybdenum chamber 1350℃)

Model Chamber size Max Temp. Power Voltage Max. vacuum
JH-QHS-223 200*200*300mm 1350℃ 42kW 380V 7×10-3 Pa

(7×10-5 mbar)

JH-QHS-334 300*300*400mm 1350℃ 72kW 380V
JH-QHS-446 400*400*600mm 1350℃ 120kW 380V
JH-QHS-557 500*500*700mm 1350℃ 160kW 380V
JH-QHS-669 600*600*900mm 1350℃ 225kW 380V