Technical consultation:

Crucible effective capacity (Steel) 20KG
Max temperature 1800C
Max melting vacuum


 Vacuum time: open diffusion pump when preheating is complete, then up to 7x10-3Pa within 30 minutes.

Rated power 60KW
Rated voltage 375V
Power frequency 50HZ
Rated frequency 1500~2500HZ
Heat element Induction copper coil
Vacuum system  

70L/s Double stage Rotary vane mechanical pump

 Dia.300mm diffusion pump, Max. pumping speed: 5000L/s

 Dia.300mm diffusion pump cooling trap.

 Dia.300mm diffusion pump flapper valve + Dia.80mm former pump flapper valve

 Stainless pipe + stainless bellows



Warranty One year limited warranty with life time support.  (Consumable parts such as heater and crucibles are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products)
Free technical support Lifetime
Value-added services  

Sample test: We have a sample lab to offer you free sample test.

According to your requirement, we can test the material, process, etc.

Save your time and money, good for your project.

 Technical consultant: We offer free technical consultant regarding furnace, heater, heating-treatment, etc.


Standard size

Model Capacity Power
JHR-LL-5 5kg 40KW
JHR-LL-10 10KG 40KW
JHR-LL-20  20KG 60KW
JHR-LL-25 25KG 75KW
JHR-LL-50 50KG 150KW
JHR-LL-100  100KG 250KW
JHR-LL-200  200KG 350KW
JHR-LL-300 300KG 500KW
JHR-LL-500 500KG  700KW