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Synthetic diamond industry leader - Huanghe Whirlwind


The Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd. has ordered 4 sets double movement mixer. One of the standard double-motion three-dimensional mixer, two heavy-duty patent dual-motion mixer, a 3000 liters Jinhe brand new double-cone mixer.
Technical Minister Li Changqing: "In the past, the sale of the Yellow River cyclone powder to the customer has a stratification, uniformity and fail to meet the requirements, resulting in the quality of diamond tools, good and bad customers. We just started using the Jinhe Double Action Mixer and found that we give Customers have significantly improved the uniformity of powder products, the key is the stability of the quality of the metal powder has been a strong guarantee; Jinhe double sports mixer manufacturers feeding and unloading cylinder than the traditional V-and three-dimensional mixer should be low , The worker of our powder workshop is very convenient for loading and unloading, and this patented double-motion mixer saves the mixing time and labor costs, so we have set 4 new double-action mixers of this type. "
The Whirlwind Co., Ltd. Yellow River Diamond Products Branch has ordered two gold-brand mixer 2 sets.
Feng Haizhou, chief engineer of the technology department: "Our product company is also just starting to hold the idea of ??trying out a new type of blender with Jinhe brand. After using it, it saves labor, saves time and electricity, and this kind of barrel and internal blade At the same time, the mixed mode of rotation from different angles brought a new mix, so we bought two. "