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Mixing-Sieving machine was Bought by Powder Metallurgy Company from Chengdu


The demands for technology of the equipment in powder metallurgy industry is inreasing.And putting a great pressure,also force ,to mixing manufactorer.The manufactorer with high tech can juggle the market.At the same time,those with low tech and working ability would be eliminated by the market.
Chengdu Huayu company which is famouse in powder metallurgy industries need one mixing-sieving all-in- one machine,Compared in technology,price and quality,they finally purchased our JHX-600L heavy mixing-sieving machine.
    Compared with other manufactorer,we have our unique advantages,like high loading ratio.The traditional mixing machine is about 40% but our double movement mixing machine is 80%.The traditional machine need 1000-1500L to mix 1 ton powder but our double movement 600L can easily finished.The traditional machine need over 3.5 metres operational space but our JHX600L only need 2.8 metres.Not only Chengdu Huayu choose our double movement mixing-sieving machine but also the first choice of powder metallurgy industry.