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Powder Metallurgy Marketing Leader Bulk Purchase Mixing Machine


Chongqing is the well-known powder metallurgy industry base. There are a lot of industry benchmark for costomers.These customers include all types of powder metallurgy.Fortunately,some of them are our customers,like Chongqing Hua Fu,Chongqing Zhi Bo.

Every company would purchase an equipment through comprehensive consideration.This is the second time that Chongqing Zhi Bo purchase our mixing machine,after the first mixing machine put into production.The comprehensive data shows that all aspects of our double movement mixing machine exceed the traditional one.

After communacation,we fine adjust the double movement based on the customer's production technical requirements.

According to our return visit, Chongqing Zhi Bo is satisfied with our double movement mixing machine.
1.Technology deparment recognized our machine because it solve the problems of traditional mixer-- mixing uneven and long mixing time.
2.Production department recognied our machine because the loading capacity is twice than traditional mixing machine.Mixing time is shortened by a third.The production efficiency is highly improved.
This bulk purchase covers large,medium and small size mixer--JHX-400L,JHX-100L,JHT-6L and 3L.From 400kg to 5kg,we have production machine and table-top lab powder blender.This bulk purchase improved their technology and laid a solid foundation of the company's growth.

JHX-series Double movement mixing machine

JHT table-top lab mixing machine