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Iron Powder Reduced Mixing Equipment Debugged Successfully


Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. is an extra large-sized iron and steel complex in China.Magang (Group) business mainly involves Iron & Steel industry, mineral resources industry and other diversified industry. Magang’s diversified industry covers finance, environment protection, logistics, trading, engineering, steel structure, equipment manufacturing and erection, technology consulting and labor services, etc.Now the most automatic iron powder reduced processing line has been debuged.
In the whole processing line,the main part is powder mixing equipment which leaders pay high attention to.Because of our good designs,with high tech and higher automation,they finally selected our blender machine from 3 powder blending equipment supplier.During the design and produce process,we keep comunicating with technicians from Magang.According to their need,we make improvements of our huge powder mixing equipment in many aspects,like the way of feed port, automatic decimal aligment and etc,.After two months processing production,the powder mixing equipment have deliveried to customers.Our good after-sales service was highly regarded by customers.Hope our powder blending equipment do success to Magang.