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Powder Metallurgy Company Purchased Stainless Steel Mixer


Xi Chuan powder metallurgy company was established in 1974,which is the largest powder metallurgy company in He Nan province.This company mainly produce iron-based,cooper-based PM products.The leading products made shock absorber of powder metallurgy parts for high-end car and ptfe composite products.

    With the development of company,they started construction of plant.They used 3 sets traditional double cone mixer to mixing 1000kg materials one batch and need mix over 1 hour.Lacking of automatic equipemnt,the labor intensity is heavy and also dangerous.On the Tian Jin International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition,manager Liu of Xi Chuan company was interested in our stainless steel mixer machine and visited our Jin Tai factory after the exhibition.We communicated about traditional mixer would be replaced by double movement mixer and he believed in our working principles.
    According to the customer's requirement,we designed one automatic JHX1000L stainless steel mixier processing line,including automatic feed--automatic mixing--automatic discharging.This processing line is easy control and can mix 2 ton metal powder at a time,which substantial raise in working efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.Now their 3 sets traditional mixer is replaced by our 1 set stainless steel mixer, also can save space and resource.Xi Chuan company is very satisfied with our plan and sign the contract immediately.At the same time,we will provide quality product and excellent service in return to our customers.