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An American company become the JinHe Mixer primary forwarder in USA


The vice president of An American company visit JinHe Double Movement Mixer Factory this week. An American company is one of the premier ceramic and abrasive materials suppliers worldwide. They are specialize in fine particle size and custom blended minerals for technical ceramics and the precision market.Their main product is Silicon Carbide,Aluminum Oxide,Boron Carbide,Boron Carbide and ect,.
During many years production and management,they want to improve their mixing technology and supply better product to customers.They were surprised after using one set JinHe Double Movement Powder Mixer.Because the mixing effect is much better than before and with short time.
Then they decide come to visit JINHE factory and want to be the primary forwarder of USA. We're very glad that JinHe unique and patented double movement mixer can do help to ceramic industries.Also wish our machine do success to this American company.