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Hubei E-letter diamond material and buy a hybrid equipment


     August 3, 2012, Hubei E-mail Diamond Materials Co., Ltd. and I signed a mixed metal powder 2 tons of 2000L double cone-type mixing equipment, which is E letter the second time and our company Zhengzhou Jinhe cooperation, Be an old friend I remember the first cooperation or last year's Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center superhard industry exhibition, when Hubei E letter company also participated in the show, the king of equipment went to our booth, the sales staff enthusiasm for the king Do the on-site explanation, Wang said that they mainly produce and sell metal superhard industry with the use of the traditional dual-motion mixer, powder uniformity after mixing has been less than ideal, to see our dual-motion mixer Our advanced dual-motion mixer design concept, a unique dual-sport approach has deeply attracted Wang workers. After the king returned to E letter factory king of our dual-motion mixer works with his factory technicians conducted a study, the purchase of a metal powder can be mixed 1 ton aggravate JHX600L dual-motion mixer.
   E letter company to use our dual-motion mixer six months later, our company sales staff contact Wang Gong understand the use of dual-motion mixer, Wang was pleased to introduce our double-motion mixer for their company to solve their long-term Metal powder light weight mixed with non-uniform mixing problems, reducing the labor intensity of workers; mixer time reduced by 30% than before, the key is the company's downstream customers also reflect the current purchase of E-letter metal powder processed into products after the product quality Better than before. Efficient mixing effect, stable operation of the equipment, so that E letter company specializing in the production of the mixer Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a great reliance and trust, so in the latter part of the hybrid equipment procurement time and again come to the thought of Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.