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Jinhe double sports mixer boost the power of new materials


Founded in 2010, Strength new materials company, is a professional production engaged in high-grade synthetic diamond manufacturing enterprises, and now up to 380 million yuan investment, covering 215 acres of the election of a modern industrial base.
Shao Zengming, general manager of Power Corporation: "When General Manager Tang and I visited Jintai Metal Materials Co., Ltd., the strength of the production line was in the process of requiring a new type of high-efficiency mixer because the new diamond production line
The production of super-hard diamond powders suitable for various metal binders, ceramic binders, hot-pressing tools and welding tools requires a large difference in the proportions of light and heavy powders in our new formulation. The traditional V-type mixer, Double cone mixer cannot reach to high standards.
The effect is difficult to meet the requirements, Tang Chief Engineer on Baidu search to this new brand of patent licensing dual-motion mixer, see the factory the day after I immediately decided to order 4 units. Hope that the new high-efficiency mixer can join
Help new material products be more competitive! "