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Zhengzhou HuaJing diamond company ordered double movement mixer


Huajing Sales Director Liu Yincang Superhard Materials Forum last year to see our double-motion mixer to do the above report.
Contact said they are now mixing the graphite column has always been a traditional three-dimensional mixer, produced after mixing the product quality is not too good.
Communicate to see if we can try for free a dual-motion mixer, in order to allow customers to rest assured.
We gave away for free a JHX100L dual-motion mixer trial, a week after the trial, the other is responsible for the process of the General Manager said that through the experimental comparison,
The quality of the products now produced is somewhat higher than before, and the efficiency of our double-motion mixer is very high,
Equipment design is not easy to appear three-dimensional mixer section shaft phenomenon appears, this trial JHX100 originally thought that the volume is a bit small,
Finally decided to stay as an experimental machine. General Manager Lee replied to the factory leader to report the specific trial situation,
Personnel in charge of equipment procurement will give us contact with the dual sports procurement related matters