Pharmaceutical Industry Casecase2

CIMC are using JHX2000 dual movement mixer


CIMC green build environmental protection technology co., LTD. Was founded in Jiangsu Nantong, by CIMC new innovative mixed ownership enterprises, through production, learning and research with national research institutes, developed in the mine tailings and stone processing industry solid waste resources has the core of independent intellectual property rights of comprehensive utilization technology, committed to prefabricated building, rail transit, engineering decoration industry to provide new ecological functional building materials products, become a technology as the core, quality, staff based on environmental protection high-tech company.
The company's products are an innovative new type of environmental friendly building materials and decorative materials, in real estate, rail transit, decoration, curtain wall, prefabricated building and other downstream industries, with a good industrial driving effect.
The tailings and stone processing collected by CIMC Green Construction Company is a kind of solid waste powder, which needs to be added with other powder and mixed evenly and then for subsequent processing. The mixing uniformity requirement is very high. The double cone mixer and screw mixer were used, which did not meet the ideal requirements.
By chance, in green build chief engineer dong gong saw the double movement mixer, gravity diffusion mixing superposition forced shear mixing process, contact gold equipment company sales staff communicate, understand the principle of double motion mixing process: rotate the material barrel also let the built-in full size blade group independent rotation, in different directions, different speed of material mixing, thus greatly improve the mixing efficiency and improve mixing uniformity.
Dong Gong arranged for the procurement department to purchase a JHX2000 dual movement mixer, which has about 800kg of a mixed powder. After the equipment is delivered, the use effect was very ideal.With the increase of production, we prepared to purchase 7-8 dual sports mixers, worried about the production and delivery capacity of Jinhe Company, and arranged Manager Wu to wait for the field investigation.Jinhe company now produces more than 500 sets of various dual sports mixers every year, and the production equipment adopts domestic advanced equipment. The site environment is clean and tidy. After the visit, Manager Wu believed in the production capacity of Jinhe double and gave a positive evaluation.