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Beijing Tianlong tungsten and molybdenum procurement JHX double movement mixer


Procurement company: Beijing Tianlong Tungsten & Molybdenum Technology Co., Ltd.
Procurement equipment name: JHX series mixer
Mentioned Beijing Tianlong tungsten and molybdenum Technology Co., Ltd., in the domestic tungsten, molybdenum and its alloy products manufacturer famous, as a science and technology-oriented enterprises, the existing staff of nearly 300 people, all have been vocational quality education and professional skills training , R & D capability and technical strength is very strong, the company also owns modern plant equipment and advanced detection methods, from product design, development, production has been to sales and service in all aspects of strict compliance with ISO9001: 2000 international quality system requirements. Tianlong tungsten and molybdenum is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales, technical service and self-support import and export business of rare metal materials and products such as tungsten and molybdenum, high-tech ceramic materials and products, cemented carbide and other powder metallurgy materials and products.
At the Molybdenum Industry Conference held in Luoyang in March 2010, Su General Manager of Beijing Tianlong Enterprise saw our hybrid equipment, advanced design concept, user-friendly operating platform and high-quality equipment through our company's brochure Appearance, deeply attracted the Soviet Union's total interest and purchasing desire.
Soon after the meeting ended, the Soviet Union flew to Zhengzhou to fly to Zhengzhou to conduct field trips to our enterprises. First of all, we conducted a simple exchange and conversation with President Su. Su always said: "The tungsten-molybdenum powder mixing process is a highly demanding step. His mixing effect directly affects the mechanical properties of tungsten and molybdenum products." Su also said he has been using V-shaped machines for many years and the effect is not good, even if the mixing time is increased up to 24 hours, the effect is still not satisfactory. The main reason is light powder (such as toner), heavy powder can not be fully mixed. Split internal particle bonding can not be canceled, etc., he has been looking for a replacement product to solve these problems, so I always wanted to find a new mixer, both advanced hybrid concept, but also very good practical operation, so See our equipment in the brochure, can solve the problems he encountered, prompting him to come and look! And in our mixing workshop made a mixed molybdenum experiment, a careful view of the working principle of the device, operating conditions and mixing efficiency, the outer cylinder rotation plus double vane rotary agitation, only a mixture of five hours to end, Test the results of the experiment, the mixing of a very high degree of uniformity, fully meet the requirements of use, only one time savings of more than ten hours, the results of the experiment Su total satisfaction with our mixer, that our mixer concept The hybrid equipment industry is a revolutionary change. Before coming here to buy a try to hold the psychological, read our mixer job demo, the day they set a procurement contract, respectively, purchased a JHX-600 mixer 1, JHX-600Z mixer 1 , JHX-50-type mixer 2 Taiwan a total of four mixer.
Equipment delivery has been more than six months, after actual use, fully proved the advanced nature of dual-motion mixer. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, it has also been found that the V-shaped machine can be provided with characteristics that do not destroy the shape of the particles of the powder (because the V-shaped machine has a function of lifting and dropping, which destroys the particle structure of the powder, Particles thinner, loose than to improve). At present, all the blenders purchased by Beijing Tianlong have been put into normal production and use. During our return visit, Director Xie of Beijing Tianlong Enterprise Molybdenum Products Workshop was extremely satisfied with our equipment. The labor intensity of the following employees was greatly reduced, meanwhile Greatly improve the production efficiency, is a highly efficient mixing equipment, is currently negotiating the next purchase of tungsten products workshop mixer!