Pharmaceutical Industry Casecase2

Pharmaceutical Mixing Machine Help with High-end Pharmaceutical Companies


Tianjin Carelean is a high tech company integrates Pharmaceutical raw materials,health products,sales of biological medicine,dialysis powder and medical equipment,development and import and export trade.

On Dec.14th,Carelean's Engineer Su of the Technology Department and Manager Zhang of Purchase Department came to our factory,with the raw materials of dialysis powder.Using our Double Movement Pharmaceutical Mixing Machine to do the batches experiment.  
Carelean co.had make twice assessment of our mixing experiment.First time they use JHX200L medical mixer and the second time,they use our JHX50L.Two experimental data is consistent and they are satisfied with the mixing effect which met the expected standard.That has proved double movement mixer is with high efficiency and stability.Carelean plan to purchase Double Movement JHX3000L Pharmaceutical Mixer.
Because of the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical mixers must meet GMP production requirements, but also to achieve the mixed index.Tianjin Carelean bring 2.2 ton raw materials of dialysis powder to our factory.Experiment was carried out throughout the day and made batch sampling.Customers will do fine test about the evenness of mixing.
JinHe Machinery Manufacturer will support the development of Chinese pharmaceutical and help with the high-end pharmaceutical companies.