Pharmaceutical Industry Casecase2

Pharmaceutical Mixer Customer Visit JINHE Factory


In March,our pharmaceutical customer from Saudi Arabia visit double movement mixer factory.He own a dental model factory and came for searching a mixing machine to mix his product.

As we all know,the raw materials for dental model are superfine and light powders.It's not easy to mix it with other kinds of powders.Due to the disadvantages of traditional mixing machine,like dead corners,long mixing time ect.,they can not accomplish the fine-scale mixing work.
After visiting several traditional blender factory,our customer was not satisfied with the mixing effect.Until he found our double movement mixer,as we explained the princeple of double movement mixer and operated the machine,he was interested in it.Then we did a 5-minute trial on our small lab double movement mixer.He said it is the most unique machine with best mixing effect he ever saw.
Dear customers,hope our double movement mixer do success to your propduct!