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Mixing equipment helps Tianjin Powder Group efficiently put into operation


Jinhe brand double movement mixing equipment is committed to a variety of dry powder, semi-dry powder, particle powder mixed applications, is the industry's high-end mixing equipment in various industries are widely used in the country, the purpose of double movement mixer for all enterprise powder Body shop brings unexpectedly efficient mixing, to solve a variety of mixing problems. The success of another Tianjin plant put into operation to achieve efficient mixing and solve their industry's mixed problems, fully illustrates the advantages of our double movement mixer.
Double movement mixing equipment help a powder metallurgy listed company in Tianjin, to achieve efficient, sophisticated and uniform mixing. The company's powder is also a high-end application powder used primarily in the production of powder metallurgy parts for a wide range of high-end automobiles, motorcycles and domestic appliances; the traditional double-cone mixer has been used prior to the milling plant, requiring manual weighing of ingredients, On the top of the mixer platform for feeding, feeding port there is no sealing device, feeding dust flying time, polluting the workshop environment and the health of workers.
Accompanied by the perfect application of double movement mixer and its ancillary equipment, the company's mixed-powder workshop renovation project was officially launched, after transformation, fully automatic weighing, ingredients, mixed automation production. The entire production line is equivalent to three layers, the top is the material storage warehouse, will need to use the raw materials into the storage silo in advance, according to the formula automatically weighed; the middle is the collection warehouse, all kinds of materials into the pool after weighing, pooling The equivalent of moving the car, with the material to find the corresponding mixer; the bottom is a mixing device, when the pool to the blender above, the mixing machine feed port has been automatically found just above, and the seamless docking device has been Just below the discharge port of the collection bin, the mixer feed opening automatically opens and awaits the feed; after the feed is completed, the mixer automatically closes the butterfly valve to begin the mixing of the ingredients, the mixing time automatically stops and looks right below, Position seamless docking, butterfly valve automatically open the discharge.
Even more important is the use of double movement mixing equipment to mix materials, mixing time was originally mixed for more than an hour, mixing time has now been controlled within half an hour, the mixing time is reduced by more than half, and the entire workshop environment improved significantly.