Pharmaceutical Industry Casecase2

Aetna Technology Co., Ltd.


Aetna Technology Co., Ltd. is China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group Co., Ltd. (formerly National Institute of Iron and Steel Research Institute) as the main sponsor, the joint Qinghua Ziguang (Group) Corporation and other units initiated the establishment of the joint-stock limited company National high-tech enterprises jointly identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences are also key high-tech enterprises recognized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Since its cooperation with Jintai Metal Materials Co., Ltd. in 2011, Beijing Aetna Technology has purchased 9 new dual-motion mixers before and after. Diamond tool workshop first purchased a dual-motion mixer and then purchased 5 sets one after another. Powder metallurgy workshop also successively purchased 3 Jinhe brand mixers. Double-motion mixer to Aetna product quality has been significantly improved, the uniformity of the powder after mixing has been a qualitative improvement.