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Powder metallurgy industry mixer customers - Hebei SiTong


Invention patents, 6 utility model patents and 6 non-patent technologies. The trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in Hebei Province and a well-known trademark in China.
Hebei Stone Co., Ltd. ordered two dual-motion mixers from our company in 2013: JHX-600L (exacerbated), JHX-1000L (exacerbated); used for metal powder mixing workshop. Company technicians, engineers for this powder metallurgy double motion mixer greatly acclaimed, the mixing time is short, good uniformity, more equipment, high efficiency. Before the existence of a long mixing time, light and heavy powder mixed uneven, dead ends and other issues have been resolved. In 2014, the workers of Si Tong New Factory saw the new metal powder mixing equipment used by the old factory, which was easy to load, more loaded, simple to operate and high in production efficiency. Therefore, the new factory was unwilling to propose to the leaders Request, hoping to replace existing conventional mixing equipment, using the new powder metallurgy dual-motion mixer. Stone leaders discussed the meeting, it decided to order a JHX-1500L (heavier) equipment and matching feeding machine, for the new plant use.
The mixer for the powder metallurgy industry produced by our company has won the praise of the industry. Chongqing Huafu, Beijing Tianlong Tungsten and Molybdenum Technology, Zhengzhou Jinpeng, Jinzhou Xinhua Long, Laizhou Changhe, Guangxi Pinggui, Hangtengjin, Suzhou Zhongding, Hong Kong Run Technology and other metal powder industries are using my company's dual-motion mixer.