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Three dimensional mixer in dialysis powders related materials


Purchasing company:Tianjin Hainuode Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.
Name of machine:JHX1500L cross shaft double movement three dimensional mixer

On November 14, 2014, Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. visited Tianjin Hainuode Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and its factory and gained a better understanding of dialysis powder (liquid) industry.We also visited its new three-dimensional mixer mixing plant.
As early as June 2014, the Head of Equipment Purchasing Department of Hainuode has successively conducted two experiments at Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. and carried out a large amount of experimental work in Jinhe company with dialysis powder related materials. They found some significant advantages of double movement mixer over traditional 3D mixers:
1,The mixing time is shortened from 1 hour to 35 minutes;
2,The loading rate increased from 45% to 75%;
3,The mixing uniformity increased from 85% to 99% or higher;
4,Production efficiency increased by 65% or more.
Dialysis powder new three-dimensional mixer

Through two experiments,the experimental data obtained are basically the same,proving the high efficiency and stability of the double movement three-dimensional mixer.In early July Hainuode company formally signed a buying contract of a JHX-1500L cross-shaft double movement mixer. Through this visit,we learned that the degree of evenness of dialysis powder directly determines the efficacy of the patients’ use, and the mixing degree is high, which can directly improve the efficacy and reduce the suffering and prolong the life of the patient.This ,to a certain extent, greatly increased our sense of mission,prompting us to do more professional mixing equipment,concentrate and focus.At the same time, customers made some suggestions of improvement of our double movement mixer.For example,the appearance needs to be more neat and bright,which is in line with the relevant standards of pharmaceutical industry. We will draw on customers’ suggestions and improve it conscientiously.At present, JHX-1500L mixer is used for customer's A formula production line,the customer has four production lines,follow-up but also continue to purchase "Jinhe Brand" double movement three-dimensional mixer,we will be more professional, more stringent and demand ourselves with more strict standards.