Food Industry Casecase1

Shenzhen Lihua purchased JHY double movement food mixer auto production line.


Shenzhen Lihua automation project lasted two months, Shenzhen Lihua Mr.Liang and his party came to the factory site to do inspection of the equipment. Zhengzhou JINHE Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. and its automated mixing production line is the perfect application of automation technology to the mixing production line, to achieve multi-module, multi-functional mixing applications,to maximize the mixing of many enterprises to meet individual needs of the mixing automation project, fully demonstrated the mechanical industrialization the strength of today's mixing equipment and the advantages of high-end, efficient, high-security, and labor-intensive automation mixing.
Shenzhen Lihua has been in beverage industry for more than 20 years, now it owns nearly 20 brands,products are selling well in Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. For the better development of the enterprise and better quality of products and labor saving in the fierce market competition,Shenzhen Lihua decided to purchase the advanced machines, a set of ingredients, mixing, packaging automated production lines.
 Zhengzhou Jinhe has worked in the field of material mixing for many years, and possesses the double moveemnt mixer for medicine and food which perfectly solves the material mixing problems in various industries and improves the mixing efficiency.The company has built a number of automation projects in many industries,so we have rich experience and technology.
The automatic mixing production line realizes the automatic production of mixing equipment (to realize the material feeding, mixing, discharging and automatic running), at the same time, realize the docking operation between the mixing equipment and the loading machine and the packing machine, for example, the mixer inlet Just above, the feed inlet automatically docking feeder discharge port, the mixing is complete, the discharge port automatically find positive, automatic discharge, the entire production line in addition to the feeding machine feeding session, the other aspects do not require human involvement.