Food Industry Casecase1

Delivery of 36,000 liters giant double cone mixer


    Yanshi a Industry and Trade Company is a high-tech enterprise devoted to the research and development of deep processing projects combining modern biotechnology with food and chemical industry and promoting the popularization and application of collagen in health food, condiment, cosmetics, pharmacy and agriculture. Due to the limitations of the hybrid equipment, it has always wanted to purchase a giant mixer with a capacity of 10 tons for high-volume hybrid production. After many field visits, the final confirmation by our company design and processing production, technical personnel through the two sides of the detailed communication, equipment specifications, size, processing technology reached a consensus, the purchase of the JHS36000L super giant giant double cone mixer, After years of hard work, JHS36000L super giant double cone mixer, produced and assembled under the high standard of the company, is safely delivered.
      The heavy weight, high processing difficulty, large equipment size and high transportation difficulty are the biggest challenges Jinseho faces. Customers also have high requirements on material mix uniformity, which is a huge challenge for us. After Jinhe design department to optimize the equipment, such as built-in multiple full-size fixed blades to improve the mixing uniformity, PLC automatic program control feeding, unloading, off the fan speed control and other means of combining the production With the hard work of our colleagues, we have overcome all difficulties and finally produced and assembled the largest mixer in the country.
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