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Veterinary industry JHX3000L double movement mixer


At the 2016 Livestock Industry Show, Famili animal medicine learned about the dual-movement mixing process, which technically requires: a large amount of mixing, a faster mixing time and a smaller footprint of the mixer, which are precisely the double-movement Mixer advantages, and dual-motion mixer can improve the mixing uniformity, to solve the light weight powder and fine powder mixing difficult problems.
        Familia company leaders and technical department teacher Feng to our company after the visit was very satisfied with the scene set JHX3000L dual-motion three-dimensional mixer and JHX400L dual-motion mixing equipment each one, is now ready, the near future is about to put into production.
    Through our dual sports mixing process can be done:
1, reduce the mixing process, do not need the same amount of incremental method, all the materials directly into the double-motion mixer directly mixed;
2, mixing time reduced by more than half;
3, a substantial increase in the uniformity of mixing;
4, completely solve the light weight, superfine powder and other traditional mixed problems;
5. It can solve the problem of adding even trace elements in veterinary medicine to make the added trace elements fully mix with the matrix.
6, large-scale equipment to meet the large number of mixed;