Advantages of the new 3D mixer in medicine powder mixing

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     Double motion 3D mixer is a commonly used hybrid machinery in various industries. It is widely used in medicine and food. It is a representative of the new 3D mixer. It is also an efficient mixing equipment suitable for all walks of life. Machine (for normal mixers). This mechanical equipment and traditional Chinese medicine early 3D hybrid machinery and equipment is not the same, today mainly to see the characteristics of the new 3D mixer equipment.
        (1) The horizontal structure is more stable and reliable, the operation is more convenient, the operation is safe and reliable, and the utility model is suitable for the medical powder industry to be more hygienic and convenient to mix.
        (2) high mixing efficiency, loading rate is higher than the ordinary 3D mixer double, low, medium speed mixing brings unusual mixed new effects, and the quality is uniform. The double motion series medicine 3D mixer is a combination of two motion superposition modes, which is characterized by an external cross-shaft driving the barrel movement, the internal full size blades are double layer mixed at different speeds in the same direction as the barrel to achieve double superposition and mixing, Mixing is more efficient and thorough.
       (3) The mixer has unique advantages, not only in the design of the structure, the appearance of the equipment is impeccable, barrel body wall after fine polishing, no dead ends, no pollution of materials, the material is convenient, large openings, easy to clean equipment, easy to operate Advantages, whether it is pharmaceutical production or pharmaceutical applications, are quite advantageous.