pigment color powder high efficiency mixing process technology

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Powder mixing is a major discipline, the diversification of powder determines the mixing equipment and mixing process requirements, hybrid equipment is for powder mixing process, but in the face of a variety of powder process needs, hybrid equipment, which requires a variety of mixer equipment to complete all kinds of powder process requirements, the same in the face of efficient and uniform demand, efficient double equipment is more and more expected and welcome, today is a pigment mixing efficient double motion mixer equipment.
Pigment powder is a kind of coating, and the so-called coating is coated on the protected or decorated object surface, and can form firmly attached to the coating of continuous film, usually with resin, or oil, or emulsion, add or without adding pigment, filler, add corresponding additives, with organic solvent or water made of sticky liquid.Pigment is a kind of material, which can be coated on the object surface with different construction processes, forming a solid adhesion, with a certain strength, continuous solid film.The film formed in this way is generally called coating film, also known as paint film or coating, and will bring some unique colors.Here we mainly discuss the mixing process of dry powder pigment and the related application of mixing equipment.
Pigment industry because of its composition characteristics determines the difficulty of finished product mixing, and product mixing uniformity requirements is relatively high, so the requirements of hybrid equipment is relatively high, in the face of the high requirements of hybrid equipment, industry ordinary mixer can not meet the process requirements, only more efficient hybrid equipment can meet the needs of hybrid process, then can use double motion hybrid equipment.
In order to achieve a good color effect of coating or pigment powder in practical use, it is necessary to ensure the mixing uniformity of a single product and bulk product powder, so that the traditional mixer cannot effectively solve these problems.Powder paint products generally add very few pigments, belong to the problem of adding trace elements in the mixing problem, so in this case, the requirements for mixing equipment are higher, so that it is possible to ensure the uniform color of a single batch of products, to achieve a super ideal mixing effect.Traditional hybrid machine is often unable to solve this problem, in this case, there will be pigments in the mixing process distribution is uneven, can not guarantee the product quality, want to product quality is guaranteed, double sports efficient hybrid equipment is an essential industry demand.
The main reason why dual motion mixing equipment can bring efficient products to the pigment mixing industry is that it has efficient and advanced dual motion mixing process principles different from the traditional mixing machine.Traditional mixing equipment basically includes several types, but the mixing principle is mostly a relatively single gravity diffusion mixing or mechanical forced mixing, the former is using spatial convection mixing, the latter is using mechanical energy forced mixing, in this case, trace pigments are difficult to mix into the main powder.Here we recommend using Zhengzhou gold equipment manufacturing company design and development of double motion hybrid machine, the double motion hybrid material cylinder itself is 360 degrees without dead Angle using space convection mixing, material cylinder internal full-size blade of material forced shear mixing, make full use of two mixing principle, superposition mix, not only greatly improve the mixing quality, also shorten the mixing time, reduce production costs for the enterprise.Improving the mixing uniformity, the precise control of the product is realized to ensure the product quality and improve the core competitiveness of the product.